Day Trippin' Shoshone Ice Caves

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Day Trippin’ brought to you by Jack’s Tire and Oil and Let’s Ride Suzuki.

On this week’s Day Trippin’, we travel to the Shoshone Ice Caves. With temperatures in the high 90s, here is one great place to escape the heat.

The 1,000-foot lava tube is located 17 miles north of Shoshone along Idaho Highway 75. A larger than life Native American chief will watch over your car while you take the tour. Cost for the tour is $10 for adults, $8 for seniors and $6 for children. Tours are available daily.

Be sure to dress accordingly. The temperature in the caves is around 30 degrees.

The ice in the ice caves is formed by air currents flowing through the lava tubes, which causes subterranean water to freeze. The ice is up to 18 feet thick. Visitors have thrown pennies into the ice over the years. Look down, and you will see the pennies entombed in the ice.

Trained guides explain the geology, volcanism and history of the area. A museum contains Indian artifacts, gems and minerals. There is a gift shop as well.

You'll also see some quirky things like a large green dinosaur on site, ridden by a hairy cave man.

When you're driving to the ice caves through miles of sagebrush, watch for a bright yellow sign with ice caps on the letters. You'll know you've arrived at the Shoshone ice caves.

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