Day Trippin: A glance at season ski passes

(KMVT/KSVT) – On this week’s Day Trippin’ let’s think snow! Consider buying a season pass to Soldier Mountain, Pomerelle or Magic Mountain in southern Idaho.

It’s always a good idea to buy a season pass so you can ski or ride as many days on the mountain without worrying about the cost. Once you’ve skied five to six times, you’ve paid off the season pass, and the rest of the season is free!

Magic Mountain is offering discounted season passes through Nov. 30. It’s $275 for adults and $99 for kids 7-11. A day pass at Magic costs $31 for adults.

Season pass rates at Soldier Mountain $399 for adults, $299 for juniors, $129 for youths 7-11, $299 for military and $299 for midweek. A day pass at Soldier costs $40 for adults.

To buy a season pass at Pomerelle, it costs $450 for adults, $275 for youths and extra family members get a discounted price after the first pass is bought at full price. A day pass at Pomerelle costs $45 for adults.

You also could look at booking a cat skiing trip at Soldier Mountain this season. Soldier has amazing backcountry skiing and riding terrain directly adjacent to the ski area. Book a cat skiing trip for a true world-class powder day at soldier.

Now, all we need is snow! Hope the weather brings plenty of white stuff in the near future. Watch the web sites of the ski areas to see when they plan to open for skiing and riding.

See you on the snow!

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