Day Trippin: CSI Outdoor Program activities this September

Day Trippin’ brought to you by Jack’s Tire and Oil and Let’s Ride Suzuki.

On this week’s Day Trippin’, we check out the College of Southern Idaho Outdoor Program. This program features many trips and events for students and the public alike. This Monday, there will be a mountain bike ride and then on Wednesday a sunset paddle on the Snake River.

On the mountain bike ride, the group will be riding trails around campus to work on basic skills. The event is free if you bring your own bike or bikes will be available for a fee. Meet at the CSI Outdoor Center at 5:30 p.m. Monday.

The sunset paddle will start at Centennial Park at 5:30 p.m. Wednesday. The group will paddle up toward Shoshone Falls and back to the park, a trip that takes several hours to complete. The scenery is spectacular as you watch the evening light reflect off the walls of the Snake River Canyon. Be sure to bring your camera.

Coming up in September is a sunset stand up paddle board trip on Sept. 7, a geology paddling trip on Sept. 14, a road bike ride on Sept. 19, mountain biking the Fisher-Williams loop in the white clouds on Sept. 24, and a hike and yoga outing on Sept. 24.

The best way to keep tabs on the CSI Outdoor Program outings is to follow their Facebook page, CSI Outdoor Recreation.

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