Day two of Colorado murder trial wraps up

On Monday, day two of the trial for a Colorado man changed with the murder of his fiancee wrapped up in a Teller County. Cameras are not being allowed in the courtroom. (Source: KKVT)
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CRIPPLE CREEK, Colo. (KKTV) Monday marks day two of the murder trial for the Colorado man who allegedly killed his fiancee.

A number of witnesses took the stand in the Teller County courtroom. Investigators believe Patrick Frazee killed Kelsey Berreth on Thanksgiving Day last year.

Cheryl Berreth, Kelsey's mom, testified Friday; she finished her testimony Monday. Prosecutors also had Kelsey's brother Clint testify along with 10 others.

Law enforcement gave testimony and a few people who had contact with Patrick Frazee after Kelsey disappeared.

Clint Berreth spoke about the last time he talked to his little sister Kelsey. Through tears he said he thought Kelsey wasn't responding because she was mad at him, but when he learned his mom hadn't heard from her either, he had a feeling something was wrong.

Another witness who spoke was the police officer first assigned to Kelsey's case.

They played a recording of a phone call she had with Frazee about Kelsey shortly after she went missing. Prosecution asked if she thought anything was odd about the conversation. She told them the thing that stuck out to her most was the lack of concern Frazee had.

An investigator they refer to as "the evidence person" also spoke. He went into Kelsey's condo to take pictures for the missing person investigation.

He said even though it was a missing persons case, as he was taking pictures he felt like something was suspicious inside the home. Now he says he has more than 630 pieces of evidence for this case.

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