Declo Elementary students learn about agriculture safety

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DECLO, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) - Elementary students in Declo spent part of their day learning about agriculture safety in preparation for summer planting Wednesday.

The Ag Safety Day is put on through a partnership with Safe Kids and Simplot.

"The whole point of today is to teach children how to stay safe on the farm, whether they live on a farm or if they visit a farm," said Jennifer Westendorf, the program coordinator for Safe Kids.

As the Valley relies heavily on agriculture, Westendorf said it was important to prepare the kids on how to be cautious around equipment and other recreational aspects.

"The goal here is to put this fresh in the kids' heads. Give them that thought process of what they need to be watching for to stay safe," she explained.

Some of the different stations included ATV safety, what to do in case of a fire and CPR.

"I learned how to do CPR. You have to be able to, you go like this to go right on the heart right in the middle so it can start pressing on the heart and it can squeeze and let go...You would have to know what to do so you can get their heart pumping up again so they don’t die," said Ava Thornton, a fourth grader.

Westendorf said there are incidents that happen on the farm every year, and just last year a child died in a tractor accident.

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