Declo holds Governor Otter's 101st Capital for a Day

DECLO, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) Gov. C.L. “Butch” Otter and state officials met with educators, students and the community at Declo High School to discuss public issues as part of the governor's 101st Capital for a Day.

“Health care was a big item, education, those are two we spend the bulk of our time,” said Lt. Gov. Brad Little.

Little said when Capital for a Day takes place at a school, the majority of conversation leans into education.

“They’re concerned about what’s going to happen to their community areas, who’s going to pay for the schools, roads, the emergency services, so it’s a lot about survival," he said. "In particular when we have it at these schools, it’s about the schools and how important they are."

Residents discussed issues on education, teacher retirement and health care. People also asked a few questions regarding Idaho Fish and Game boat inspections. Students also asked Gov. Otter questions.

Little said these meetings with the community allows for the legislature and state officials to receive feedback.

“We’re trying to address the problem, because government only works if you have that two-way dialogue between the people that are being governed and the people that are administrating the government,” Little said.

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