Della View area in Hailey faces flooding from river and groundwater

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HAILEY, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) In one week the Della View subdivision in Hailey saw rivers rise to their doorsteps then water push through the ground into some of their homes.

"This is mentally fatiguing on people," said Carol Brown, Hailey's Public Information Officer. "I've seen our friends and our neighbors in the flooded areas coping with this day after day now it's been seven days and knowing there could be a potential four weeks of this is really hard on folks."

In those seven days the area saw about 40 homes evacuated. Brown said so far the evacuees have elected to stay with family, friends or in a hotel. None have used the Red Cross Shelter set up in the area. Though you don't need to be in an evacuated area to use the shelter.

"Anyone who's displaced by flooding can go to the Red Cross," Brown said.

The tricky thing about the Della View area goes beyond the aggressive Big Wood River, which uses the streets as a path in the area now. But the saturated soil in the ground from the heavy winter is at capacity. Which is forcing water into some people's crawl spaces.

"When a river is flowing over soil that's completely saturated then the water can't get down into the groundwater what it does in those instances is it raises the groundwater level," said Mathew Weaver deputy director with the Department of Water Resources.

As water pushed it's way wherever it wanted both above and below the surface, Joe Balbas and his company Serive Pro decided they wanted to help.

Balbas said a handful of them have been driving up from Twin Falls for most of the week and helping where they can.

"You just feel for them you know," Balbas said. "It's just a tragic thing they've got some of these people have lived here for a long time and they've got valuables in their homes."

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