Democratic candidates back Proposition 2, opponents say it could cut school funding

Published: Oct. 31, 2018 at 6:20 PM MDT
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The Nov. 6 election is less than a week away and two democratic candidates are showing their support for Proposition 2.

Candidate Muffy Davis is running for a House Seat in District 26 and Rep. Sally Toone is running for re-election for District 26. Both visited the North Canyon Medical Center in Gooding on Wednesday.

The candidates learned about the services the hospital provides to rural communities and how the hospital will benefit if Proposition 2 passes.

Davis said many Idahoans need better healthcare.

"At least 62,000 working Idahoans fall in this gap of coverage, and those that aren't make too much to to qualify for medicaid, but not enough to get the subsidies that they need from the health exchange," Davis said. "I just think that's unacceptable."

Davis explained that if Proposition 2 passes, federal dollars will go back into the state.

"Medicaid expansion will bring our federal dollars, that we're already sending out to the federal government, back into our state to enable us to give health care coverage to those 62,000 working Idahoans to help alleviate the pressure of our rural hospitals and to treat people the way the should be treated," Davis said.

The Idaho Freedom Foundation based in Boise opposes Proposition 2.

"First and foremost, there are people in Medicaid now, children, disabled people, pregnant women, who aren't getting the services they need. Adding these 62,000 people to a broken system isn't going to help who really need it the government," said Dustin Hurst, the communication director for Idaho Freedom Foundation.

Hurst explained how the health initiative can impact the state's education and roads.

"It's going to take money from corrections. It's going to eat up large chunks from the budget and other critical programs are going to be hurt," Hurst said. "By the time when a lot of people see a need to raise teacher pay and invest in our classrooms, this is going to stop Idaho from being able to do that."

Voters will decide on Nov. 6, if Medicaid will expand.

On Tuesday Gov. Butch Otter announced his support for the ballot measure.

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