Despite call for gun control, local sales steady

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) — In recent days, Fred Meyer, Wal-Mart and Dick’s Sporting Goods have announced they are changing the way they sell guns and ammo.

The Twin Falls Fred Meyer has not sold guns in several years, but does sell ammunition. As of Thursday morning, signs were up stating the new change for the selling of ammo.

How is that effecting local businesses?

Forrest Andersen, the owner of the Washington Street Pawn, says that when it comes to gun sales, “I don’t know if necessarily they’ve pushed a lot of business our way. We’re locally owned, a lot of our customers shop here because of our lifetime warranty, and the fact that we’re a local business. The ownership is here, the employees, we all live here, and that money stays in our community.”

They follow federal guidelines when it come to selling guns.

“We do a little check of them, just to make sure, we’ll have a little conversation, make sure they’re in a good state of mind best we can. We’ll have them fill out form 44-73, which is the form the federal government gives us to do background checks. If they have an Idaho concealed weapons license, we write their information on there, knowing that, having been issued a concealed weapons license, they will have already had a federal background check. If they don’t have a concealed weapons license, we call the ATF and perform a background check on them before they leave with the fire arm.”

In addition to the federal guidelines, they also follow their gut.

“The retailer I believe has a responsibility to kind of evaluate the person they’re selling to. Now obviously we don’t have a crystal ball, but it does give us the opportunity to kind of evaluate them, and see if they’re agitated, and then at that point we have a right to refuse them the sale of a firearm if they’re acting in a manner that we would deem irrational or agitated.”

They also have an age guideline, where you can buy a long gun at age 18, and a hand gun at 21.

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