Despite fewer accidents, cyclists worry about safety

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) The Idaho Department of Transportation found that there has been a decrease in the last few years with accidents involving bicyclists, with 224 taking place in the gem state in 2017, compared to 322 in 2016.

KMVT talked with Mike McAuley, the manager of Spoke & Wheel in Twin Falls, who explained that while there have been a few accidents so far this year, most places are generally safe when riding, as long as you know where to go.

“I've been doing this for 28 years without a car in twin falls, and it is doable, you just have to choose the quiet streets, whatever's comfortable for you. There are some bike paths, there are a handful of designated lanes, but not that many. So you just find the quiet roads,” McAuley stated.

There are also some cyclists who feel like some of the bike lanes are less than ideal.

“Just noticing that when the roads dry, a lot of the debris pushes off to the side of the road. Meaning the bike path, or recreational paths," stated cyclist Jenna Johnson.

Those debris could lead to injuries.

"Lot of tire punctures. But the skinny tires, you have a higher risk of just washing out. Basically your bike just slipping in the gravel and you falling. And my biggest fear would be somebody falling into the lane of traffic," explained Cyclist Robin Seastrom.

So far this year, KMVT has reported on several accidents involving cyclists, including the accident which killed a cyclist in March.