Dietitian talks healthy tips before Halloween

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) Halloween means lots of candy, but with that comes the sugar rush, followed by the crash.

Doctor Isaac Wright, a dietitian at St. Luke’s, has a few suggestions on how to avoid that crash.

"Eating before you go out. Just a square meal, you know something that will fill you up, that way you're not eating candy based on hunger. You're eating it just as a treat, and not, you know, a meal,” Wright stated.

Wright also suggests rationing the candy.

"If you’re getting a good amount of candy, at the end of the night, maybe consider the candy you do like, and giving away the rest that you don't, rather than just eating whatever you get. And you can also ration it out. Put it in some little Ziploc bags and portion it out for the week. That way you don't consume as much at once, go into a candy coma,” Wright explained.

Wright also encouraged giving out other treats.

"Include healthier options when giving out candy or whatever they're giving out. That could be things like popcorn, pretzels, fruit, and then also utilizing social media like Pinterest for ideas,” Wright said.

Wright also encouraged people to use their legs.

"When you are out, maybe walk from house to house, rather than driving everywhere,” Wright stated.

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