Doctor addresses how common concussions are in baseball

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) Following the collision at home plate in Sunday's Angles and Astros game that left the Angels catcher with a concussion as well as a broken nose, KMVT wanted to find out just how common it is to get a concussion in baseball.

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The collision between Jonathan Lucroy and Jake Marisnick came on the heels of Pirates catcher Francisco Cervelli telling a Pittsburgh sports website he was done with his position, after six concussions during his 12 year major league career.

KMVT sat down with Dr. Chad Johnson, a sports medicine physician with St. Luke’s, to talk about how common a concussion in baseball is.

“I think something that's important to recognize is each sport has its own incidents and it varies. Obviously when we think of a sport like baseball, we would assume there's less concussions than football, and that is true, but they still happen,” Johnson explained.

A player can get a concussion from one of two things in baseball.

“Most of the concussions that we see in baseball are from pitches that are thrown in the wrong direction. Other times we see collisions, you know, gong for a pop fly, or trying to make it home,” Johnson stated.

KMVT also talked with Burley High School head baseball coach Devin Kunz about the safety precautions they take with their players

“We have to take like this online protocol class every year. All the JV, varsity, and even the summer, American Legion coaches. We can at least look for signs and stuff like that,” Kunz said.

Things like a headache, nausea, and vomiting, and things like having trouble falling asleep, and difficulty concentrating are all signs of having a concussion.

Johnson also says that even though there are risks that shouldn’t stop parents from letting their child play sports.

“I think one thing that's important to know is that concussions can happen in any sport,"Johnson said "You know, we often think, 'Oh, it’s got to be football. It’s got to be some collision sport like hockey,' and it's more than that. Concussions can happen in any sport, and they can happen outside of sports."

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