Doctors encourage early breast cancer screenings to beat odds

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) October is national breast cancer awareness month and as November approaches doctors want you to make sure you don't forget the risks.

Early breast cancer screening and detection can increase chance of survival and reduce chance of re–occurrence.

Family history also plays a role so if you have a close relative who was diagnosed at an early age, you will want to get screened sooner as well.

Five to ten percent of first mammograms come back abnormal, which means you'll get a second mammogram to be evaluated better.

As technology advances so does the accuracy and treatment for breast cancer.

“One of the advances that we have more recently been able to work on, is reducing the number of radiation treatments a woman may need for early stage breast cancer,” said Dr. Richard Hymas. “Standard of care use to be 30 to 35 treatments and we were able to reduce that to 16 to 20 treatments based on more recent studies and we're doing that here in the Magic Valley as well.”

Not all breast cancer is the same.

So because a family member had one type of treatment or side effect does not necessarily mean that everyone will experience it.

Physicians will work with patients on a case by case basis.

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