Gooding dog pound temporarily closes after positive canine virus test

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GOODING, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) - The dog pound in Gooding closed for ten days due to a puppy having a virus called Parvo.

A worker from the dog pound tells us a puppy has the virus that attacks the heart muscles.

Four dogs in the pound are quarantined to stop the virus from spreading and will all get vaccinations.

The worker tells us there is no cure for this virus. Veterinarians can treat symptoms, but Parvo has a 70 percent survival rate.

The vaccinations would prevent any dog that hasn't been infected from being infected. They do not yet know if the virus has spread to the other dogs.

They will make arrangements to house dogs if needed during the days they are closed.

***Editor's note***
An earlier version of this story said the vaccinations could treat the symptoms. They do not, only prevent the virus from spreading to uninfected dogs.

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