Donate gently used shoes to benefit Twin Falls Animal Shelter

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) The C.S.I. Sustainability Council is working to turn shoes into cash for the Twin Falls Humane Society's animal shelter.

People are urged to donate their lightly used shoes to any of the bins -located in every building on the C.S.I. campus - as well as at the animal shelter at 420 Victory Avenue.

Organizers partnered with Funds2Orgs – which will buy the shoes and redistribute them to people in poverty stricken countries.

"We're really interested in it because it keeps the shoes out of the landfill. Also, then the shelter will benefit from the funds, but the way the funds are acquired is by sending these shoes to a company who sends them over to developing nations," said Sustainability Council co-chair Jan Simpkin.

The Sustainability Council hopes to gather enough pairs of shoes to earn $1,000 to donate to the animal shelter.

The drive runs through October 31st.

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