Dozens turnout for Republican headquarter party

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) - Those who ran and those who just wanted to watch convened at County West in Twin Falls to see election numbers trickle in.

"Just seeing how everything went, just wondering if the Republicans won the Senate and the House," said Alex Bauer, an attendee.

Though the midterm elections had more voters, 20-year-old Bauer said he wants more young voters in the future.

"I feel like it's your civic duty to vote. If you're going to complain and gripe about what's going on, you need to vote," he said.

"The laws we make today will be the laws that young people have to live with," said Tom Billington, an attendee. "It's encouraging to see young people involved because that's our future. Not taxes, not rules and regulations."

Billington told KMVT voting is important to him.

"My grandfather was in World War I. We believe in patriotism, we believe in who died, who served the country," he said. "You represent. You vote."

Bauer said conversations with the older generation helped guide him.

"They help balance me out with some of the thoughts that I had. They'll balance you out," Bauer said.

"We've got young people coming up. We've got old people that are seasoned and paying taxes," Billington said. "(Saying) this hasn't worked, but we can try this."

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