Drag show returns for third year; raising money for Magic Valley theatre group

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A different type of show was on at the Orpheum Theater Wednesday night, benefiting another group in the Magic Valley.

Ursula's Battle Royale is a drag competition and this was their third year putting on the show.

Tickets cost $10 per person and the proceeds are donated to the Magic Valley Repertory Theatre.

Brandon Tesch, the man who plays Ursula, said he wanted to continue this competition for fun and try to normalize drag in Twin Falls.

"...from a performance aspect and not just the crazy everybody thinks it is," he said.

He sees more people coming to see the show year after year.

"The audience has been growing," he said. "We’ve also been doing things with Magic Valley Pride that has been growing as far as the festival every summer. It’s like doubled every year and it’s been amazing."

This year's competition has seven contestants, one drag king and six drag queens.

Tesch said they each perform to get the judges to vote for them and then go on to another round of lip-syncing.

Whoever wins gets a crown for the evening and some money.

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