Driver in multiple-vehicle Blue Lakes Blvd crash faces murder charge

Cedric Mitchell mugshot from Ada County Jail after he was arrested for battery of a health care worker.
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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) - Twin Falls resident Cedric Mitchell was arrested and arraigned Wednesday on a first degree murder charge and several counts of aggravated battery after a multiple-vehicle crash on Blue Lakes Blvd. on June 7.

Mitchell appeared in court Wednesday in Twin Falls after he bonded out of Ada County jail Tuesday. He was held in Ada County Jail for a charge on battery against health care workers a few days after the crash.

According to police documents, Mitchell was traveling between 74 and 79 miles per hour on Heyburn Avenue, where the speed limit is 30 miles per hour.

A crash reconstruction expert with Idaho State Police said that Mitchell's truck had an event data recorder in the form of a Sensing Diagnostic Module. Documents say the module monitors multiple systems in the vehicle and deploys supplemental restraints when needed and records the data associated with the deployment.

The data was obtained by authorities and they found there was information about 2.5 seconds before the crash. It showed that he was traveling between 74.2 and 76 miles per hour about 2.5 seconds before the crash. Officials believe he was accelerating to a speed of between 77.1 and 79 miles per hour.

"The accelerator pedal was being held at 100 percent and the engine throttle was wide open," the police document states. The data shows that no brakes were applied before he hit the a vehicle.

Mitchell hit a truck driven by Dwayne Steiner, and his wife Maryann Steiner was in the passenger seat. The impact then pushed the vehicles into the intersection of Blue Lakes Blvd. They then hit another driver in another truck, then struck a Mustang.

Maryann Steiner died from her injuries after the accident two days later on June 9.

Dwayne Steiner is still in the hospital after being injured from the crash. Eight people in total, including the Steiner's and Mitchell, were taken to the hospital that day.

Police records say that Mitchell has a criminal record history with four felony assault charges in Arizona for aggravated assault. He also has two charges for failure to appear in court.

Mitchell is currently being held without bond in the Twin Falls County Jail. His preliminary hearing is scheduled for July 12.

If convicted, first degree murder carries a minimum ten year sentence.