Eagles flock to trees between Wendell and Hagerman

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WENDELL, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) Early in the morning, Rob Molignoni and his wife will bundle up, pack up their cameras and drive about 20 minutes away.

It’s a short drive considering the payoff.

“This is the ideal time to be taking them. It’s kind of golden light in the morning, so you get some beautiful shots of the eagles in the morning,” Molignoni said.

There’s no shortage of eagles to photograph in the trees between Wendell and Hagerman. There are dozens of them perched in what’s been named "eagle tree" right behind the Westpoint Café.

They come most often in the evening around the sunset, and they fly away in the morning around sunrise, which is usually when you’ll find Molignoni.

“When I get these shots it’s just perfect,” he said. “I mean you can feel when you’re previewing them and stuff like that. It’s just beautiful.”

There are a lot of people that come to take photos, like Molignoni, or just to look at the eagles.

Frank Ruffing lives in the area and frequents the Westpoint Café. He said he sees people lined up at the peak times most days.

Ruffing has lived in this area for decades. He said the eagles have been coming for as long as he can remember.

“We’re so used to it that we really don’t think about it like we probably should,” Ruffing said. "How privileged we are to live that close to it, it’s kind of like our every day.”

Ruffing said they usually only stick around for a couple of months. Most years they eagles have moved on by the end of February.

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