Early voting for school levies sees quiet election day

(KMVT/KSVT) — On Tuesday the early days of levy elections in the Magic Valley were quiet.

“Levy elections usually don’t have a very large turnout unfortunately,” said Veronica Lierman, a precinct judge in Jerome. ”Its interesting to be here, its good to see the people who are interested coming out to vote for this issues.”

Lierman said this year a new service helped the process run smoothly.

“Everyone is in the tablet and so as soon as we get their name in we find out if they’re in the right precinct and if it pops us we get them registered and we don’t have to go through the alphabetical index,” Lierman said.

A service, poll workers at the Shoshone voting precinct location used to help voters.

“It’s really easy,” said voter Bob Craig. "I haven’t missed an election since I was 18. It’s important for people to go out and vote especially on the local stuff, that’s you’re one chance to change the world.” He said.

Participants voted on either supplemental, bond or plant facilities levies. Majority of the school districts asked for funding to improve security measures, maintenance on buildings or updating school curriculum.

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