Eden boil order lifted

EDEN, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) — The boil order has been lifted Friday for the city of Eden after a generator battery failed and the electricity went out this week.

Eden suffered a power outage on Tuesday which led to the generator automatically turning on and the battery blowing up. This eventually led to losing water pressure. How is water and electricity connected here? Well, the electricity runs all electric motors in the well house, pumping water up from the well putting it in the water tanks.

“The whole town of Eden but also people out in the country too lost it,” said city employee John Ellis. “I’m not sure how many lost it out in the area clear back up to the freeway. They had a couple of power pulls break over on the freeway. That's when we lost it.”

With the help of Idaho Power, Eden and surrounding areas were able to get their power back.