Elementary students explore various produce in farm-to-school week

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HAILEY, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) - Blaine County students got a healthy treat this week to celebrate Farm To School Month.

Chartwelle Services traveled to one school each day of this week and served 35 different fruits and vegetables students could choose from after having their lunch.

From the common choices like watermelon and kiwi, they also got to try unique produce such as blood oranges and cactus pears.

"With the younger students, we’re trying to teach them to eat better, eat a wide variety of food and capture those students when they're young instead of when they're already set in their ways at the high school," said Duane Sorensen, food service director of Chartwelle Services.

They do this each year to promote healthy eating. Most options offered were provided by Grasmick Produce while the unique ones were imported.

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