Energy Saving New Year Resolutions

‘Tis the season for New Year’s resolutions! And while you’re making your commitments to do things like go to the gym and eat better, don’t forget to make your energy-saving resolutions, too!

There are many things you and your family can do to reduce energy use and save money on your monthly bills in the new year. And these suggestions are easy and impactful, with a potential pay-off in real savings. So start your new year right and consider making these energy saving new year’s resolutions:

Energy Saving New Year’s Resolutions

· Keep your furnace filter clean

o Clogged and/or dirty filters block system airflow

o Your furnace filter should be changed but at least twice a year

o Your filter needs more attention in certain conditions

o Tip: When you buy filters, get at least two

· Concentrate on occupant comfort vs. house temperature

o Encourage weather-appropriate at-home clothing.

o If there’s only one or two of you and/or your activity is concentrated in a small area, look for alternative to heating the whole house

· Open drapes to let daylight sun warm the house and close them at night to keep cold out

o Use the sun’s warmth

· Turn lights off when not in use and plug electronics into power strips and switch off when not in use

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