Enrollment increase encourages Xavier Charter School to expand

TWIN FALLS (KMVT/KSVT) More than 700 students attend the Xavier Charter School. The school has about 300 students wait-listed.

With increasing enrollment, the school set up a committee to evaluate the needs for expansion and more importantly how to finance the project.

“We have a building committee setup of teachers, lead teachers “said Head of Schools Gary Moon. “They are evaluating our needs right now, we made preliminary contacts with architecture firms to get some input from them.”

There are no blueprints so far, but Moon said there are a few sections within the campus that can be possibly be use for expansion.

“We have a south lawn area, which I think its designed to be expanded upon,” he said. “We also recently purchased 2.5 acres to the north of us.”

The school offers kindergarten through 12th grade. The expansion will possibly improve the school’s need for a more diverse education. Currently the school is looking through financing options.

“Most traditional schools will run a bond to raise money for a new building or to replace a new building. We are not allowed to do that because we are a charter school,” Moon said.

Moon said they are looking for a fundraiser director to explore options such as applying for grants and reaching out to businesses and foundation for help.

The committee hopes to find a fundraiser director soon and will start a capital campaign sometime in January.

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