Extra DUI patrols out for New Year's Eve in southern Idaho

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) — The new year is right around the corner, but while you're celebrating local law enforcement wants you to remember to be safe.

"Make sure that whatever you have you don't do in excess," said Sgt. David Frick with the Twin Falls Police Department. "Obviously alcohol is the biggest issue for this weekend."

The Twin Falls Police will have extra patrols all weekend.

"We have officers that are specifically doing DUI emphasis, so we have DUI teams that are out there looking for people who are drinking and driving," Frick said.

Twin Falls won't be the only ones with extra patrols.

"The state will be doing it as well as the county and other surrounding cities," Frick said.

If you are going to drink, police strongly recommend finding a designated driver that isn't drinking.

"Don't try and pick the guy who's drank the least to be your designated driver, because very often you don't understand really how much you've drank until you're standing in front of us, and then you realize maybe it was more than you thought," he said.

The department said with the holiday being on a weekend they tend to see the parties extend to multiple nights.

"Everybody sees that Monday as their free day and a recovery day so they tend to, like we talked about, do things in excess," Frick said.

But police said they want people to know their goal isn't to be the bad guys.

"The goal is that everybody gets home safe, that we have no fatalities and no accidents," Frick said. "That we keep everybody having a good time, but within reason, and that nobody gets hurt."

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