FDA approves drug to help dogs scared by noise

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(KMVT/KSVT) - Worried for your dog when fireworks go off or even just loud noises? The Food and Drug Administration approved a relief for that.

The FDA announced Tuesday that their Center for Veterinary Medicine approved a drug that will help dogs who are sensitive to loud noises.

"Dogs with noise aversion are sensitive to loud noises such as fireworks, street/traffic noises, and gun shots. Dogs may show their distress through hiding; vocalizing (whining, barking, howling); panting, shaking or trembling; or may vomit, urinate or defecate," the FDA said in a news release.

The drug is called Pexion. Studies show the drug does help dogs stay calm during fireworks shows. However, it should be used cautiously, the FDA urged.

"The owners of three of the 90 dogs that received Pexion in the effectiveness trial also reported that their dogs became aggressive, including growling towards a young child and lack of restraint or self-control towards other dogs," the statement read.

The FDA said Pexion will only be available by prescription only.

For more information, read the news release on the FDA's website.

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