Faith leaders group hosting Thanksgiving gratitude event

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) People of all religions are coming together Saturday for a Thanksgiving togetherness celebration.

The event is being hosted by the Faith Leaders of the Magic Valley.

This is a group of clergy from all religions in the area who get together to form open dialogues, and learn more about each religion and belief.

As the holiday seasons approach, the group is holding a Thanksgiving and gratuity meeting at the Twin Falls City Park Saturday where light refreshments will be available.

It will be a time to give thanks and reflect on life, sharing faith traditions and civic positions in the community.

"We have the opportunity to learn how much common ground we have with people of different faith traditions,” said organization member Pastor Anne Palma. “Particularly in this context, the month of November and the holiday of Thanksgiving, how gratitude is really a universal human virtue and a universal human value. It's not confined to any one particular religious tradition."

"We always been told, don't talk politics and don't talk religion. But it’s okay,” said one of the group’s founder Mike Hollomon. “The coming in with the spirit of Thanksgiving and the spirit of gratitude and the spirit of love and grace to be able to ask your friends, and say "how do you go about prayer? What do you believe in this?" and to be able to listen and then let them know and share yourself, this is where I'm coming from."

Organizers realize that their theologies will never be the same, but it's their hope that as community members, it will bring one another together and end the stigma that openly talking about religion is frowned upon.

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