Safety experts warn of fake car seats found in Treasure, Magic valleys

TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) Safety experts in Boise are discovering fake car seats that could put children at risk.

According to St.Luke's Children's Hospital two fake car seats were discovered in Nampa and Meridian.

According to a safety technician, a family in Nampa received the car seat as a gift and it was purchased online from a family member. The seat was "flimsy" and "bendable" plastic.

"It's pretty terrifying," said Brittany Joplin a car seat technician with St. Luke's. "There's no way a child would survive a crash in a seat like this."

Jennifer Westendorf, coordinator for Safe Kids Magic Valley, said if online prices seem to good to be true, it should raise some concerns.

"The seat that we caught here in the Magic Valley was a very high-end seat. It's one that actually turns into a stroller so you're looking at a price point $500 to $600 minimum and so if you're getting that deal for $300 for this seat, chances are there's something to miss there," Westendorf said.

Westendorf said knock-off car seats don't have warning or federally approved labels and they also try to mimic other well known brands.

Families or anyone looking to purchase car seats should do their research and should be cautious when purchasing through someone they might not know because there's no way of knowing the history of that car seat, Westendorf explained.

She added that their organization is willing to help people out with any questions or concerns.

St. Luke's Children's offer monthly car seats with certify child passengers safety technicians available to make an appointment call St. Luke's Safe Kids at 208-814-7640.

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