Families walk to remember loss of babies and infants

Published: Oct. 16, 2017 at 10:05 AM MDT
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Little joys are babies who pass away before their first birthday, and a group in Idaho is celebrating them.

The Little Joys Remembrance Foundation was founded almost a year ago by Erica Willenbring after she lost her triplets.

The walks and other fundraisers are used to raise money for cuddle cots to be put in Idaho hospitals. The cots slow the cooling process of a child after death and give the family a little more time to say goodbyes.

Erica and her husband's babies were born alive, and they got 12 hours with them, but she said others aren't so lucky.

“Had we had the option of a cuddle cot, we probably would have taken the time to invite family members to come meet our babies and just created different memories,” Erica said. “So we just wanted to make sure that families have that option moving forward.”

Before the walk, families had the chance to paint rocks with their baby’s names. The also personalized walk bibs and got to meet others who have been through a similar situation. Erica said she hopes meeting other people like them helps families to know they aren't alone.