Family and friends ask for public's help in searching for missing man

Lisa Satterfield, Austin's aunt, and Tamera Davis, his cousin, drove up from California to...
Lisa Satterfield, Austin's aunt, and Tamera Davis, his cousin, drove up from California to search for Austin. (KMVT)
Published: Jun. 21, 2020 at 6:53 PM MDT
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Family and friends of a missing Twin Falls man are asking for the public's help in getting answers.

Twenty-nine year old Austin Carey was last seen Thursday afternoon, after successfully completing a jump up river from Pillar Falls with a friend.

His friend swam across the river first and waited for Austin to join him, so they could hike out. A kayaker came up to the friend, and handed him Austin's gear, saying Austin "would be right over."

Austin didn't want to swim with his gear on, so flagged down the kayaker to give the gear to his friend.

KMVT talked with one of Austin's friends, Luke Boyett, who describes him as a fun loving and full of life, as well as his aunt and cousin, who came up from California.

Lisa Satterfield, Austin's aunt, and Tamera Davis, his cousin, say Austin actually had a major accident BASE jumping off the Perrine bridge six years ago, and wouldn't take any crazy risks, and would think things through several times before going through with something as a result.

Satterfield and Davis, as well as all of Austin's family and friends are now asking for your help.

"We need to contact the bureau of reclamation. We're trying to get them to lower the water level. We know it can be done. It was done in 2015, to recover," Satterfield started to explain before being overcome with emotion.

"For our search efforts to unfortunately but realistically move to recovery, for that to be safe for the rescuers and give our family and this community some closure and peace, we really appeal to the Bureau of Reclamation to please reduce the water down to 300" Davis finished.

Both them and everyone else we talked with from the group who are searching for him say the search was called off way too fast, and the water was not turned off due to tourists.

"If you could give us one day. Just one day. Turn the water level down it takes about 10 hours for the river to reduce and then our search efforts can be more successful and the efficacy of them more valid, and all we're asking for is a single day," Davis said "And so if anyone's out there, Austin's friends, his community here, place a phone call, send an email, help put some pressure on to just give us, just give us that one day. Turn the water down today, let it go that 10 hours, let our efforts continue tomorrow in a way that's changed and will make it a more successful event for for all of us."

The number and email address you can use to get into the contact with the Bureau of Reclamation is (208) 383-2200, and

They're also asking for the kayaker or anyone else who was near Pillar Falls Thursday afternoon around 3 P.M. to call Sergeant McRoberts with the Jerome County Sheriff's Office at (208) 308-4138.