Farm Workforce Modernization Act is welcomed by the agricultural community

The Idaho Dairymen's Association speaks about what this new bill would mean.

TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) A new bill has been introduced in the House of Representatives, and it could mean big things for the agriculture in Idaho.

The bill is called the Farm Workforce Modernization Act, and Representative Mike Simpson from Idaho as well as 19 republicans and 24 democrats introduced the bill on Tuesday in D.C.

The bill would allow for current undocumented agriculture workers to earn legal status, improve the H 2A program and require AG industries to use the E-Verify system. Many Idaho organizations are on board, including the Idaho Dairymen's Association.

“Sometimes we forget this, not only as an industry, but as people in the Magic Valley, agriculture stands on the shoulders of foreign born labor, the vast majority of our labor is foreign born, it's time that we recognize, and tell the value of that foreign born labor, and that’s why we already have 40 Idaho organizations supporting this legislature,” said Bob Naeurbout, from the Idaho Dairymen’s Association.

The bill was negotiated within the last seventh months, and will now go through judiciary committee the week of November 11.

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