February marks Heart Health Month

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) February officially kicks off Heart Health Month. The leading cause of death for men and women is heart disease.

According to cardiologists, often times by the time heart disease is actually diagnosed too much damage has already been done.

Like many diseases, it's best caught early and treatment administered quickly. Just because you feel healthy doesn't mean you are excluded from regular checkups, especially things like blood pressure and cholesterol.

“I think February is a great month for heart disease awareness. It's not just for valentines and buying chocolate hearts for your valentine,” said Dr. Mark Crandall, cardiologist. "It's important to think about your heart for real and what you can do to help keep your heart healthy.”

St. Luke's Magic Valley is holding heart health seminars throughout the month of February. The next one is on Feb. 8 about weight loss strategies that work. Each of the presentations are free to the public. Registration is recommended by calling 208-814-0094.

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