Feds taking comments on Idaho's Medicaid expansion 'work requirement' restrictions

(Source: Pxhere)
(Source: Pxhere)(KMVT)
Published: Oct. 14, 2019 at 11:51 AM MDT
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Several states across the nation are attaching so-called “work requirement” restrictions to their Medicaid Expansion programs – and federal judges are not having it.

Some have questions on whether a so called "work requirement" will be added. Right now, the federal government is accepting the public’s comments about the work restrictions through Nov. 2.

More than 1,500 people submitted comments in September with the overwhelming majority arguing against the restrictions.

Idaho's Department of Health and Welfare took four days to consider those comments before submitting their application to the feds — unchanged.

If residents don’t filled out the paperwork correctly, thousands of Idahoans could be taken off Medicaid.

Friday, a federal appeals court panel asked hard questions to restriction supporters, questioning whether they served any purpose other than kicking people off Medicaid.

"There's nothing different about Idaho's application than in the other three states where this was already deemed illegal in the fact that absolutely people will lose coverage,” said Lis Woodruff, with Close the Gap Idaho. “In fact, in Idaho, it's a one-strike-you're out policy. You miss reporting your work for one month you lose your health coverage. That's the most severe penalty that's been proposed to date."

Similar restrictions have already been shot down in Arkansas, Kentucky and New Hampshire.

People who would like to submit a comment about the work requirements, click


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