Fiddle State Championship keeps Idaho 'culture' alive

HAILEY, IDAHO (KMVT/KSVT) — On Saturday, fiddle music filled the Community Campus in Hailey as the 2019 Fiddlers of Idaho State Championship Fiddle Contest was underway.

The two-day event which started on Friday brings fiddlers from across the state to showcase their musical skills.

Richard Fife is the contest's organizer and said he's thrilled to see younger generations take an interest in the bow stringed instrument.

"Fabulous," Fife said, "The number of children in this state that are learning to play the fiddle is absolutely excellent. We want to keep that interest alive and keep it growing and providing them an opportunity to participate in a contest is part of that objective to keep the culture alive."

The event consist of adult and youth divisions and Fife said fiddling is part of Idaho culture.

"Fiddling is an Idaho culture with out question. It comes in all sizes, shapes and forms from all different parts of the state we're trying to keep that culture alive by hosting this contest," Fife said.

Participants said they enjoyed performing in front of an audience and connecting with other fiddle players.

"I grew up with a lot of music in life. The strings especially that stand out to me. I love playing them," said contestant Grace Partridge.

"I've made so many friends just fiddling with them. It's pretty great," said contestant Blackfoot Jessa Preston.

This year's headline entertainer was Wendell native Ernie Sites who is nationally recognized as a singer, writer and yodeler.