Filer elects new mayor, city council members

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FILER, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) - In a race of four mayoral candidates for Filer, Bob Templeman came out on top with 37 percent of the votes.

Serving as mayor for the city for eight years in the past, he told us he looks forward to changing quite a bit of things during his term.

"One of the main things is some leadership," said Templeman. "Getting back there to where we have some responsibility for some things. There's been a lot of ordinances that haven't been enforced lately so we're going to take a big look at things and try to help the public out as much as possible."

For two city council seats, Samuel Callen and Candise Ramsey won the race with 30 and 24 percent of the votes, respectively.

We caught up with Callen who told us what he looks forward to in council.

"It's time for some change and some positive goals with the city and to get more of a positive atmosphere within the city council and I think that we can make the city council appear more open and transparent by being more communicative," he said.

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