Filer Fire Department building new rural fire district station

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FILER, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) - The Filer Fire Department will soon have a new rural fire district to help serve their growing city and the county.

The new station is being built right next to the Twin Falls County Fairgrounds on Highway 30.

While they did put a bid out for it last year, Fire Chief Bud Compher said they've been trying to get this rural fire district for the last 16 years.

"We got up to a point where we can’t save as much as you thought you could and we just went out to bid and built what we could," Compher said.

Currently, the Filer Fire Department is part-time, he said. Some of their trucks are also stored in other parts of the city.

"We barely have room to do our training in our facility we have now that we rent from the city. The city trucks are housed in there also. There’s no more room. As the county grows, we have to replace and add trucks to accommodate," he explained.

The new station will be about 23,000 square feet.

"When it’s finished, we’ll end up with women and men’s sleeping quarter in it and hopefully, eventually a full-time department," he said.

Compher hopes the building will be done by fall.

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