Fire Department: Be cautious and wary of what you cook and how you cook it

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JEROME, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) - As Thanksgiving and other family gatherings come up, the Jerome City Fire Department gives some tips for holiday cooking.

Engineer Sam Craig, with the fire department, said grease fires can happen while cooking turkeys.

"Definitely make sure that the turkey is unthawed (thawed) all the way. You don't want to put a frozen turkey in there where you get the big explosion," Craig warned.

If a fire does happen, make sure smoke detectors work, have an extinguisher and he said baking powder could help suppress the fire.

"If you're going to cook a lot of food, just be cautious, and just make sure you're paying attention to everything you're cooking, and everything's safe and away from the kids," he said.

Craig said grease fires can be rare, but they have also seen quite a few. Risks can increase during Thanksgiving and the holiday season.

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