Fire Marshall warns about danger of leaving water bottles in cars

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) Fire officials are warning of a new danger, one that you could be driving around with.

The Twin Falls Fire Department is warning people not to leave water bottles in cars, as they may start a fire.

If water bottles are left in cars, make sure to put them under seats, or even under a towel, to keep them out of the sun.

Twin Falls Fire Marshall Tim Lauda told KMVT that there have been reported cases across the country of water bottles starting fires in cars on hot sunny days.

“The sun shines through the window, shines through the water bottle, and acts as a magnifying glass. And then the magnifying, you know, shoots down on the seat or a piece of paper that's in the car, and catches it on fire. My fire chief also, coming from the Seattle area, said there was a similar case happening inside a house, that it shined through and caught a tablecloth on fire,” Lauda explained.

Lauda says another thing to keep in mind with the temperatures rising is to remember to take propane tanks out of cars as well if you go camping, as the heat can cause them to explode.