Fire crews put out car on fire at Jerome Walmart

Fire crews were called to the Jerome Walmart for a reported car on fire Friday. Crews were able to quickly put the fire out. (Image courtesy Tamera Ringgold Gardner)
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JEROME, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) — Jerome Fire Department firefighters put out a car that had flames coming from under the car’s hood at the Walmart in Jerome.

Interim Fire Chief Mike Harrison said a passerby called firefighters at about noon for a car that was smoking.

Firefighters found a fire burning in the engine compartment of a Nissan Sentra and knocked down the flames. Harrison said the owner of the car saw her car smoking before it died and pulled it into the store’s parking lot. It stopped smoking and she went inside, but then the passerby saw it later on. No one was injured.

A truck driver from Texas reached out to KMVT with video of the incident.

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