Firefighters stress fireworks safety with demonstration

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) - With the Fourth of July weekend coming up, first responders tend to receive a spike in calls.

With many setting off fireworks to celebrate the holiday, the Twin Falls Fire Department demonstrated how fast a fire can spread in the matter of seconds, utilizing legal fireworks.

"You might think that's its under control but with wind and dry grass, its pretty dangerous," said Captain Corey Beam with the Twin Falls Fire Department.

That's what Idaho can be known for – dry and windy weather conditions – which can promote wildfires, especially with the hotter temperatures on the way.

In the country, an average of 18,500 fires per year are caused by fireworks, which accounts for $43 million in damages.

Before you shoot off your fireworks, Captain Beam reminds you of a few tips to celebrate safely.

"We want to make sure that you're in a clear, open area [away from dry, combustible material]," he said. "And that you have a source of water– either a hose or a bucket–in the event that something did catch on fire, you can put it out right away."

Having water nearby to soak the remains to ensure it's completely put out before you leave the site is also helpful.

Although there were instances where the firecracker did not start a burn in the demonstration, Captain Beam told me the potential remains.

As far as choosing which fireworks you can use, any item with the safe and sane label is good to go. He told me all firecrackers sold at stands in town were inspected and should be legal to shoot off.

Other things to consider includes ensuring a responsible adult is supervising the use of fireworks and making sure your pets are in a safe place while setting off your display.

Although firefighters like to stay occupied, but Beam added, "If we're busy, that means someone else is having a bad day so we would [prefer to] not be busy in the sense that we'd rather the public be safe."

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