Twin Falls Costco hosts first wedding ceremony

Published: Apr. 11, 2018 at 5:02 PM MDT
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On Wednesday, the Twin Falls Costco hosted its first wedding between the beer and wine aisle. The general manager said weddings have taken place at other Costcos across the nation, but this is the first for the location on Pole Line Road.

Annette Brown and Ron Wales tied the knot in their favorite store after dating for about a year, meeting through Ron's sister.

"She said, 'have you ever met my brother,' and I said 'no,' and she said 'you need to meet my brother,' and so I met him, and the rest is history," Brown said.

The wedding was officiated by the general manager of the store with less than a month's notice.

"When I got the request, I was, 'why Costco?' and I was like 'why specifically the beer and wine area?,'" Bonnie Schaeffer questioned.

The quote "all good things come from Costco" was hung by the table for guests to sign the guestbook.

"I get everything at Costco, and nothing bad comes from here it seems," Wales said.

Brown said at first, they thought they would just have a small ceremony with a judge at the courthouse, but they decided otherwise.

"We did not anticipate this being like this," she said, adding that one of her clients works at Costco and said she should talk to Schaeffer, the general manager.

"They've been members for a long time, and anybody's that passionate about Costco, we're going to go the extra mile to see if we can accommodate their needs and wants," Schaeffer said.

Gathered with friends and family, the two were wed Wednesday morning, getting a cake, food and Brown's ring at the very place.

"We love Costco. We love each other too," Brown said, laughing.