Fitness boutique showcases businesses, outdoors during summer yoga series

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JEROME, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) - A Magic Valley fitness boutique is taking advantage of the great outdoors in southern Idaho, doing so by partnering with other local shops.

Outdoor summer yoga series (KMVT/Elenee Dao)

Studio G is doing a summer yoga series outdoors, bringing fitness lovers out to different places in the Magic Valley.

They just recently hosted yoga at a cabin in Jerome. Other places they're going to are wineries, the Downtown Commons and even the rooftop of Yellow Brick Cafe.

Owner Gillian Funk said they collaborate with other gyms and instructors to create more of a community through yoga in the Magic Valley.

"We're all doing something so unique. Even though we're bringing fitness and health and wellness, I think we all have something different and unique to offer the community, so why not partner up?" she said.

She said their outdoor yoga series is at a basic level for anyone to try out.

"Sometimes it could be intimidating to go indoors and enclosed places where you see yourself in the mirror," she said. "Outside just allows no mirrors, the air is blowing through your hair, it’s just a nice nonintimidating environment for all level of yogis."

For a list of their scheduled outdoor series, visit Studio G's Facebook page.

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