Florida boy walks across US to raise funds for diabetes | Finishes in December

Published: Sep. 25, 2017 at 6:52 PM MDT
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Noah Barnes has type one diabetes and walks across America to raise awareness and funds for the disease. He walked through Twin Falls on Sept. 25 on day 268.

Starting the march on January 1, 2017, Noah Barnes had a big dream.

"I'm marching across America to cure diabetes," says Noah.

They start their day sometime between 9:00 to 11:00 in the morning and walk about 15 to 26 miles a day depending on weather and how Noah is feeling.

Type one diabetes is an autoimmune disease and Robert Barnes tells me when something happens to the body, the immune system gets confused and attacks the pancreas. Therefore, the pancreas stops producing insulin and that is where the injections come in.

"There's days where he's had eight injections," says Noah's father Robert Barnes.

The idea to walk across the U.S. stems from his sadness as well as being inspired by Terry Fox, who went across Canada with one leg for cancer.

"I was having a rough week with diabetes and I just didn't want to be it anymore," Noah expressed.

They started out in Key West and will end up in Blaine, Washington.

"We have probably another eight weeks to go," his father continues, "We're expecting to finish somewhere around November 18."

While walking across America, Noah sees a lot of different scenes. He remembers seeing a shooting star for the first time.

Through those 268 days, Noah tells me the walking tires him out by the end of the day. He also goes through a lot of footwear.

"This is my eighth pair," he tells me, "Everybody does not make kid's shoes very well. There has been a shoe that did do 300 miles and that's like a record breaking one despite giving me pain for the last 50."

Despite the hard work, he has gained a lifetime of experiences.

"We're this close to having a cure and we need everybody's help," says Noah.

While his family is also very supportive in this journey.

"Noah is the most awesome boy ever," Robert Barnes continues, "Imagine an 11 year old with this kind of - he's 268 days. He's out here 6 days a week. That level of commitment from an 11 year old, you don't see that in adults let alone a kid."

They have about 940 miles to go until they reach Blaine and think they will be there around November 18.

If you would like to help Noah, visit