Fly fishing camp for disabled veterans casts a week of relaxation

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Published: Oct. 13, 2016 at 6:19 PM MDT
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A group of disabled veterans and their spouses are enjoying a week of fly fishing in the Wood River Valley.

Higher Ground Sun Valley is hosting seven couples during the military camp.

Higher Ground uses sports and recreation therapies to enhance the quality of life for our injured military community.

“We bring them out here, those that are ready for our program that we can help, and we show them how to enjoy life again, like I said, with outdoor recreation. We get them out in these green spaces in Idaho and we also provide them with a three year follow up just to see how they’re doing and to make sure they’re getting the services they need,” said Justin Safley, Logistics Coordinator for Higher Ground Sun Valley.

"It's been very relaxing. It's been really rewarding talking with the other couples and hearing they're story and I almost feel guilty not thinking about my kids for a few minutes," said Shelley Vehrs, a veteran from Flower Mound, Texas.

The private pond outside Bellevue is stocked with some pretty big fish. Some people seem to be having better luck than others but everyone says just the art of fly fishing seems to be therapeutic and good for the mind.

“Now I just can’t get enough of fly fishing. I want to learn how to catch every fish in the water on a fly. It’s like a controlled discipline and it just captures your mind. So you’re not thinking about negative things. You’re just focused on trying to get your line right. Trying to get the fly where you think the fish is. And it’s just very therapeutic,” said Mark Roy, a veteran from Sanger, Texas.

Many of the couples attending this week's camp are from Texas.

If they like fly fishing, Higher Ground will treat them to all the gear they need to enjoy the sport at home.