Football is a family affair in Minico

Published: Nov. 14, 2017 at 4:57 PM MST
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The Minico Spartans kicked off their season with an exhibition game at Holt Arena versus Skyline where they lost.

With hard work and commitment Friday those same two teams will be meeting again this time with a state championship title on the line.

“Our offense stepped up, we were able to run the football. They took that away, we were able to throw the football, and special teams was huge. It just seems like someone takes something away and we have other kids stepping up and making plays for us,” said Head Coach Tim Perrigot.

Making it to a state championship game is a program first.

"I can't express to you in words how cool this is. This is awesome. We were fortunate, we won all of our games in 'Spartanville' this year. Now we get to travel back to Holt Arena where we started the year. It's come full circle. We've improved and they've improved. It should be a lot of fun. I think they, I think a lot of folks around the state that underestimate what's going on down here in Minico, but this is a special group of boys,” Tim said.

There is a special bond between a quarterback and the offensive coordinator.

“The greatest thing about John Perrigot is his relationship that he has with his other teammates. He’s a great example. He’s a very humble kid and when he wins he let’s all the other kids know they win,” Tim said.

In his 22 years of coaching, the bond that Tim has with this year’s quarterback runs a little deeper. That’s because it’s his son John.

“The one thing that we share together in life is football. And I feel blessed to have the opportunity to coach my son,” Tim said.

“He’s a coach here then he’s a parent at home. It’s been awesome, I do have to say that he’s my favorite coach I’ve ever had. It’s just an experience that I can’t, it’s really hard to explain sometimes,” John said .

But when certain things just can’t be left on the grid iron, in this football family there’s one person who won’t let it continue.

“Sometimes we carry some of the stuff that goes on at practice and we carry it home with us and mom has to straighten us up,” Tim said.

There isn’t much favoritism as each Spartan is expected to play at the highest caliber, every snap of the football.

“A lot of people think there’s a lot of coach’s favoritism, you know how that works. But I get yelled at just as much as the other kids and it’s definitely a fun experience,” John said.

But with John’s high school football career coming to an end on Friday; win or lose this season has been one Tim Perrigot will never forget.

“What a great opportunity to be able to be on the sideline with your son. To be in the state championship game. It’s a great ending to a book, it’s a great story, and it really is,” Tim Perrigot said.

The kickoff is slated for Friday at 8:15 pm at Holt Arena.

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