Former Buhl school employee wants superintendent removed from role

BUHL, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) The Buhl School District superintendent is being disciplined for inaccurate teacher reports.

Former Buhl school employee wants superintendent 'removed from role' (KMVT file image)

KMVT spoke with two concerned mothers on Wednesday, one of which is a former employee with the Buhl School District. She tells KMVT that in her time with the school she has seen a culture of fear among her colleagues, who are afraid to speak up due retaliation from the administration.

KMVT confirmed discipline action has been taken against Superintendent Ronald Anthony Wednesday with Buhl School District Board Chairman Scott Tverdy.

Anthony will be receiving a letter of reprimand from the Idaho Professional Standard Commission after the Buhl School District submitted inaccurate teacher data to the state department for multiple years.

Misha Baxter has two children enrolled at Popplewell Elementary School in Buhl and due to this recent announcement, she is having a hard time trusting the superintendent.

"Because we are holding all of our children accountable, we're holding the community accountable, and to basically lie, how are we supposed to trust the superintendent?" Baxter said.

Baxter said that she honestly was not surprised when she found out that untrue teacher data was submitted.

KMVT also spoke with Jessi Nielsen, who was a registrar for the Buhl School District for one year, and she said this issue has been going on for several years.

"A group of teachers are the ones that brought it to light, I know it has been going on for several years," Nielson said. "They took it to the superintendent; it was ignored, they took it to the school board trustees and felt like it was ignored, and that's when they took it into the state."

Nielson has also created a petition to overturn Buhl superintendent's contract renewal.

KMVT did get a chance to speak with Board Chairman Scott Teverdy who says "It's an honest mistake, and Anthony is taking responsibility for it. When superintendents find themselves suddenly without teachers, it's a complicated process."

Moving forward KMVT asked Nielsen what her biggest hope is.

"My biggest hope is that the Buhl School District will eliminate Ron Athony from his role of superintendent, and that the Buhl School Board of Trustees will hold themselves accountable for actions that have happened, and move forward with communicating with the community and making it a better place for our kids to grow up."

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