Former Idaho lawmaker focus of sexual abuse investigation

Representative Brandon Hixon

BOISE, Idaho (AP) — Documents obtained from the Idaho Attorney General's office show that the investigation involving a former state lawmaker is for possible sexual abuse.

The Idaho Statesman reports that Canyon County Prosecutor Bryan Taylor asked Attorney General Lawrence Wasden to take over the investigation due to a conflict of interest in the case involving 36-year-old Brandon Hixon.

According to an Oct. 25 agreement between the two offices, "sexual abuse allegations" are mentioned while referencing the case.

Hixon's attorney Gabe McCarthy, based in Boise, said he was off the clock and could not offer a comment when reached by The Associated Press Tuesday evening. Hixon also did not respond to a request for comment.

While authorities had previously confirmed they had launched a case against Hixon, the nature of the allegations was unknown until Tuesday.

Meanwhile, records obtained by The Associated Press show that Hixon was the focus of a separate police investigation in 2014 after he was accused of inappropriate touching.

Other than Hixon, all other names and ages — including the accuser — were redacted in the police documents.

Police records show that Hixon denied the accusations and was worried how the allegations would affect his political career.

Caldwell police launched the investigation on Dec. 9 and closed it on Dec. 24. No charges or arrests were made, but the report notes that the case could be reopened at any time if the victim "was able to communicate to us later that something has happened."

It's unknown if the new investigation — which has been ongoing since Oct. 5 — is connected to the prior case.

Hixon, a Republican, was elected state representative in 2012. He resigned two weeks ago following disclosure of the current police investigation.He served on the House Business, Health and Welfare, Transportation and Defense panels.

While in office, Hixon flew relatively under the radar, introducing only a handful of bills that have made it out of committee.

Hixon, who is divorced with four children ranging from 6 to 17, resigned from his insurance agent position immediately after winning his legislative seat.

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