From coin toss to the final score, you can bet the Super Bowl in 800+ ways

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JACKPOT, Nevada (KMVT/KSVT) The Sports Book at Cactus Petes Hotel and Casino is having a busy weekend.

"By far the Super Bowl outdoes everything else when it comes to sports betting," said Brandon Smith, the director of marketing with Cactus Petes. "The next closest is March Madness, but far and away the Super Bowl is number one when it comes to sports betting."

So that means bet after bet has been rolling in on the Super Bowl. It's not just on who will win the game, but on who will score first, if someone will throw an interception, even the coin toss, and that's just to name a few.

"For the Super Bowl this weekend (bookmaker) William Hill is offering over 800 bets you can make on the game," Smith said.

That's not just things that happen in the game either. You can wager Jordan Speith's birdies against Rob Gronkowski's catches. You can bet the San Jose Shark's goals against Dion Lewis' yards on his first carry. You can put money on Kevin Durant's points against Tom Brady's completions.

"The bets go from really easy to a little bit complex," Smith said.

The bets can go well into the game, with quarter, half and final minute predictions, which could get enticing for people going to the casino's watch party on Sunday.

People who win have 120 days to collect their money.

For what it's worth, more people are betting on the Eagles at Cactus Petes.

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