Getting students in the 'back to school' mindset

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) It can be hard to get back into the "school routine" after a playful summer.

Is your child sluggish as they head off to school?

You might start by making sure they're getting between 8 to 12 hours of sleep each night, depending on their age.

“Studies have shown that if kids don't get the sleep that they need that it really, really impacts their school performance,” said Dr. Jennifer Jorgensen, “like REALLY impacts their school performance.”

Try eliminating electronics before bed time.

“TV's. That's PlayStations, that's telephones,” said Jorgensen, “that's cell phones, that's tablets, that's like anything with a screen that has a light on it is going to stimulate the brain and keep you awake.”

That could mean bed time is earlier during the school year than it was in the summer.

Try starting their day off with a healthy breakfast.

“Like a slice of an apple or something like that or even if you know you can get them to eat greens, throw some spinach in their eggs,” said Jorgensen.

Kids will also need some time to unwind after school and not just their scheduled sporting events.

“That's physical activity but they really need unstructured,” said Jorgensen. “Kind of like they have in the summer, just go run outside and play and climb your trees and just be able to use your imagination and play.”

Make sure the goals and expectations are set for students to balance homework and play time after school.

“If kids are supervised and if they have something they're supposed to be getting done.” Said Jorgensen. “They’re in a lot less risk for getting themselves into trouble.”

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