Golfing for Gold supports next round of Olympic hopefuls

Published: Aug. 16, 2016 at 5:48 PM MDT
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The Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation has a list of world famous alumni.

On Tuesday, the organization hosted a golf fundraiser to raise funds for its next round of champions.

Golfers of all levels showed up to support the 13 athletes on the Gold Team.

The Gold Team athletes are either on the U.S. Ski Team or have national team aspirations.

Many of them need a financial boost to help fund their Olympic dreams.

“It’s really cool. We get support even as alum. They’re continuing to help me pursue my career and it allows me to travel in the winter and keep going,” said Chase Josey, U.S. Snowboard Pro Halfpipe Team member.

“A lot of these kids are fresh out of college, they’re working part time jobs and just to get where they’re competing on Super Tour level or in U.S. National races, it takes an incredible amount of training,” said Jody Zarkos, Director of Community Donor Relations, SVSEF.

“To be a gold team member and to pursue the dream of competing internationally, represent the U.S. in the Olympic games. It’s probably, jeez you know, 25, $30,000 a year,” said Rick Kapala, Program Director for SVSEF Cross Country Team.

The Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation needs to raise around $1.4 million every year.

This year the program will provide $225,000 in financial aid so financial limits are not a barrier to kids who want to be in the ski program.

“Originally I grew up racing motorcycles and I joined the Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation when I was a junior in high school. So I’m 24 now, so was 17 or 16 at the time I did that so it’s been x amount of years putting a lot of time and energy into this skiing sport,” said Wing Tai Barrymore, U.S. Ski Team Freeskiing member.